Stories of Success

For Insignia Global Partners, success does not stop once an international nurse, doctor or clinician is in their role. For us, this is simply the first step on a journey filled with success and achievement. Insignia Global Partners will continue to support both our clinicians and employers throughout the rest of their journey once in the United Kingdom, in order for our clinicians to reach their fullest potential.
Below are some of the stories of success of our wonderful clinicians.

Stories of Success: William

As a gifted international nurse, William dreamt of working in the UK. In 2017, he took the leap to make this dream a reality. Supported through the relocation process, William had a smooth journey into the UK. He successfully registered with the NMC as a Registered General Nurse promptly after his arrival.


“Very fulfilling to help”

International Nurse Stories of Success William

William has thrived over the past twenty months as a Registered General Nurse specialising in neuro-disability. He finds nursing for adults with neuro conditions and his role “very fulfilling”. He is truly shining in his field! As a result, William has developed his skills further through extraordinary opportunities, including the Putney Nurse Course in Humanising Care.


“Very good for us”

Within eight months of his arrival, William’s family decided to join him in the UK. Hubert, William’s son, is also shining in his new home. Hubert particularly enjoys going to nursery to play with his new friends and his new adventures exploring England. Importantly, William’s wife has enjoyed the transition, securing a job within her first month in England, allowing her to develop professionally too. Above all, William warmly expresses that his family is “very happy” and the move was “very good for us”.


International Nurse Stories of Success William“Insignia has been my backbone in the UK”

Despite being in the UK for almost two years, William is still in regular contact with Insignia. William still feels supported by Insignia Global Partners, “Insignia has been my backbone in the UK, giving me the needed support and advice since day one. I would choose Insignia over any other.”


If you have been inspired by William’s Story and wish to start your own Story of Success with Insignia Global Partners please contact us now.