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We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations in all that we do as Human Resources consultants. Success stories, industry news, and upcoming events are just some of the topics covered in this news section, which is tailored to healthcare organisations.

Keeping you abreast of HR management developments in the healthcare industry is a top priority, and we’re dedicated to bringing you insightful, actionable content that will aid in your decision-making. If you work in the healthcare sector or are just curious about what’s happening in the industry, we encourage you to check out our news articles below.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals: Cultural Orientation Programmes

Embarking on a new phase of your career in a foreign country is an exhilarating prospect. However, it can also be a daunting experience, as you are not only navigating career-related logistics but also adjusting to a new culture and environment. At Insignia Global Partners, we understand the challenges healthcare professionals face when moving… Read More


Employee Wellness Programmes and how you can implement them

We firmly believe that employee wellness programmes are essential for creating a healthy, happy, and engaged workforce in the healthcare industry. With the challenges of the pandemic and the high-stress nature of the healthcare environment, it’s more important than ever to prioritize the well-being of employees. Read more…


NHS or Independent Sector?

The UK’s healthcare industry is not just the largest in the country, but also one of the most significant across the world. From the NHS to independent hospitals, this sector provides essential services that are vital to the wellbeing and quality of life of people across the country. But what makes working in this field truly exciting are the endless benefits that come with it, making it a compelling career choice for many. Read More...


Eliminating Racial Discrimination

At Insignia Global Partners, we understand the importance of creating an inclusive and equitable work environment for all healthcare staff. It is essential to tackle racial discrimination in the workplace, and healthcare organisations have a critical role to play in achieving this goal.    Read more…


Caleb’s Story

Our Stories of Success would not be complete without Caleb. Caleb joined the Insignia family after directly speaking to Kristen Smith and Patricia Farrell. After a highly successful eighteen months in the UK as a Registered General Nurse, Caleb has flourished within his new role. Caleb’s journey to date shows how true passion can achieve both personal and professional success.


William’s Story

As a gifted international nurse, William dreamt of working in the UK. In 2017, he took the leap, and contacted Patricia Farrell and Kristen Smith to make this dream a reality. As a Registered General Nurse in the UK, William is shining in his role! In addition, William’s family has joined him in the UK, showing how William’s success has influenced the success of his loved ones too.


Dedani’s Story

Dedani is a professional and talented Registered Mental Health Nurse. Within the space of just seven months of interview, Dedani is in his dream role in the UK. Although Dedani’s journey is just beginning, he has experienced numerous achievements and opportunities so far, both personal and professional. Consequently, his drive and zest for nursing is sure to lead to even greater opportunities!


Anatalie’s Story

Anatalie is a passionate and resilient nurse who joined Insignia Global Partners in 2018. Anatalie is thriving within her new role in the UK! She has many highlights to date, including joining the Royal College of Nursing. Above all, Anatalie hopes to use her experience to help other overseas nurses and inspire them to fulfill their destinies.


Catherine’s Story 

An accomplished Dual Registered Nurse, Catherine was looking for a new challenge upon returning from studying abroad. Her first year in the UK has been full of success! Markedly, Catherine passed her Registered Mental Health Nurse OSCE upon arrival. She has also used her initiative to complete her Registered General Nurse application with the NMC!


Akosua’s Story

Akosua, an exceptional Mental Health Nurse, came to Insignia looking for a new opportunity to start a career in a completely different place. She was looking somewhere with new people, new weather, and new experiences, but above all, somewhere where she could nurse people from a different perspective. Her journey is just at its beginning but Akosua feels very lucky for her experiences so far and is thriving in her new role!


Abdulmalik’s Story

Abdulmalik, an outstanding international nurse, joined Insignia Global partners for a new opportunity. He hoped to meet new people and experience a new culture. Following his recent one year work anniversary in his new role, Abdulamlik has had an incredible year. With lots of new adventures and having the opportunity to acquire lots of new skills, Abdulmalik is living the dream in his new role!


Kudakwashe’s Story

Kudakwashe reached out to Insignia Global Partners by speaking to Patricia Farrell. A driven professional, Kudakwashe wanted the opportunity to grow and develop his skillset. He landed in his new role in February 2020 and is thrilled to have found a base for continual education and training. Undoubtedly, the is on an upward trajectory; this success is just the beginning for him!


Tafadswa’s Story

An accomplished Dual Registered Nurse, Tafadswa first contacted Insignia Global Partners in 2019 to develop professionally. Within less than a year of initial contact, Tafadswa started her new role with a renowned healthcare provider in the UK. She is enjoying every step of her professional journey so far and has many opportunities to continue to grow.


Tonderai’s Story

A dedicated mental health nurse, looking to experience mental health nursing in another country, Tonderai took the leap and contacted Insignia Global Partners. At present, Tonderai is enjoying his new role within the United Kingdom and is delighted to be meeting lots of new people.


Denesia’s Story

Denesia is an exceptional, critical care nurse working in an outstanding neurological care provider. Moreover, Denesia is celebrating her first work anniversary in her new role, where she continues to go from strength to strength.


Stephen’s Story 

Stephen, a phenomenal nurse, came to Insignia Global Partners curious about the process of working abroad. Intrigued by the opportunities available, Stephen pursued his dream to relocate and faced the challenge of the IELTS exam. Consequently, Stephen is now flourishing and enjoying his new role within the United Kingdom.