Stories of Success: Tafadswa

Tafadswa expected the relocation process to be long and difficult, so she was pleasantly surprised by the seamless speed of her relocation journey. Within less than a year from initial contact, Tafasdwa started her new role with a renowned healthcare provider in the UK.

International Nurse Tafadswa

“Insignia made my relocation a lot easier”

Although Tafadswa quickly completed her application process, she recalls the help she received from Insignia as a supporting factor: “Insignia made my relocation a lot easier. I had access to an IELTS tutor who gave me much needed input on passing the exam. They also assisted in the process of registering with the NMC and immigration procedures. It was flawless and fast from start to finish.”

“I have grown and gained a lot”

Tafadswa is enjoying every step of her professional journey so far: “I have grown and gained a lot of knowledge in my career. There are so many opportunities that can be achieved for one to grow in this profession.”

International Nurse Tafadswa“The words ‘Thank you’ sound so insufficient”

Tafadwswa “Thank you Insignia! Special thanks to Kayleigh and Megan, who I bombarded with so many questions, and answered the questions as though I was not a bother. You guys are awesome. The words ‘Thank you’ sounds so insufficient for what you have done for me”.


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