Stories of Success

For Insignia Global Partners, success does not stop once an international nurse, doctor or clinician is in their role. For us, this is simply the first step on a journey filled with success and achievement. Insignia Global Partners will continue to support both our clinicians and employers throughout the rest of their journey once in the United Kingdom, in order for our clinicians to reach their fullest potential.
Below are some of the stories of success of our wonderful clinicians.

Stories of Success: Anatalie

A passionate and resilient international nurse, Anatalie joined Insignia Global Partners in 2018. Her journey to the UK is one of empowerment. She left a strong, supportive family back home and faced initial challenges with her NMC application. However,  through the support of her employer and Insignia, Anatalie has blossomed within her role and is now excelling as a Registered Mental Health Nurse within the UK.


International Nurse Stories of Success Anatalie

“Royal College of Nursing”

A mentor for many, Anatalie has used her relocation to become a part of the UK’s nursing community. Above all, she aims to be a strong advocate for both her patients and colleagues. As a result,  Anatalie began this journey by joining the Royal College of Nursing within two months of her arrival. Anatalie hopes to create a support system for international nurses to guide others with her experience. She is actively working with her employer to support the arrival of future nurses.


“Degree in health law”

Anatalie is thriving within her role and has many highlights to date, including experiencing different wards within her workplace. Significantly, she has become a Basic Life Support Instructor, after being selected to complete the course. Anatalie aspires to use her role as a platform to help other nurses looking to develop their career. She has set herself a high but achievable goal of gaining her degree in Health Law; she hopes this will be an inspiration to other overseas nurses to demonstrate how much passion can achieve.


International Nurse Stories of Success Anatalie “They treat you like family!”

Anatalie has described Insignia Global Partners as “more than an agency” as colleagues are always “caring” and “supportive beyond their role”. She would recommend overseas nurses to Insignia “not only because of the professional opportunities, but because they treat you like family”.




If you have been inspired by Anatalie’s Story and wish to start your own Story of Success with Insignia Global Partners please contact us now.