Dialysis Staff Nurse

Insignia Global Partners has a fantastic opportunity for a Dialysis Staff Nurse to care and deliver exceptional nursing to patients in Ghana.

The Dialysis Staff Nurse is a Registered Professional Nurse who works under the supervision of the clinical care coordinator and dialysis charge nurse. You will administer high quality standards of Nursing Care to the dialysis patients and utilise Standard of Clinical Practice for Nephrology Nursing. Your primary responsibility is to provide the patient with a safe and effective dialysis treatment. You will utilize the Nursing process to coordinate the dialysis patient’s care: Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation and communicate with the clinical care coordinator and charge nurse with regard to patient’s condition and tolerance of dialysis treatments.

To be successful with this position you must hold two years of experience caring for chronic dialysis, Basic Cardiac Life Support and a Nursing & Midwifery Council of Ghana Registration, although a Bachelor of Science in Medicine is preferred.

Responsibilities to patient:

  • Assesses the number and level of personnel needed to provide quality patient care in the unit and collaborate with the clinical care coordinator in adjusting staffing and assignments.
  • Assesses the delivery of nursing care in the unit and complete a comprehensive patient history and physical assessment, as well as patient’s perception of illness. Collect data from the patient, family significant others, health care providers and individuals and/or agencies in the community and collects data by interview, observation, inspection, auscultation, and palpation.
  • Assesses and interpret reports and records: EKG rhythm strips -to be read by Physician/Provider, Weight assessment, Haematology studies, Chemistry studies, blood glucose check and Recognizes and assesses initial/sight alterations in the patient’s body system (i.e. heart and lung sounds) and verbalizes this among members of the health team.
  • Interprets heart patterns on monitor and assesses changes in pattern, verbalizes this among members of the health team.
  • Organized assessment data so they are accurate, complete and accessible, and so they remain confidential.
  • Communicate assessment data in an orderly fashion by reporting, revising, verbalizing pertinent information among members of the health team, and recording.
  • Initiation of patient assessment for continuing observation of the patient and for recording and reporting these observations.
  • Administers skilled nursing to patients according to the Nursing Care Plan designed for the individual patient.
  • Participates in teaching patient and his/her family in order to facilitate his/her return to self-care and independence.
  • Participates in management of the Dialysis Services. May relieve the Charge Nurse when needed.
  • Prepares supplies of the initiation of dialysis on the dialysis machine as per procedure.
  • Monitors patients during dialysis, as pre procedure.
  • Observes patient’s condition and equipment during treatment and documents on the appropriate forms and reports to the appropriate individual (especially if a problem arises.)
  • Initiates and terminates patients’ dialysis treatment, as per procedure.
  • Participates in the planning, directing and coordinating of patient care with multi-disciplinary personnel.
  • Follows doctor’s orders regarding dialysis treatment, medication, etc.
  • Interprets the patient’s needs to personnel participating in patient services (e.g., M.D., Social Workers, Dietitian).
  • Maintains records (Kardex, medication sheets, care plans monthly notes) on primary patients.
  • Involves patient in planning of care.
  • Knowledge of technical equipment (dialysis machine, EKG, defibrillator, suction machine).

Planning responsibilities:

  • Serves on committees and helps to review and revise policies and procedures as directed by the supervisors.
  • Plans and develops self-objectives.
  • Plans ways to solve problems and to make improvements in the unit, in collaboration with the superiors.
  • Completes written Care Plan for all assigned patients in the unit
  • Identifies the patient’s present/potential problems from the patient assessment
  • Patient’s health status is determined, assess stability of hemodynamic status
  • Health status is compared to the norms
  • Problem is given priority according to impact upon the patient’s health status
  • Formulates desired outcomes specific to the patient problems/needs and established norms
  • Ensures that desired outcomes are mutually agreed upon by the patient, family (when appropriate), and nurse
  • Formulates desired outcomes that are specific, measurable, within a certain time frame, and consistent with other health provider’s expectation

Implementation responsibilities:

  • Implements activities necessary to meeting self-objectives
  • Participates in implementing planned changes and activities
  • Participates in activities promoting the achievement of the dialysis unit nursing objectives
  • Demonstrates competency with cannulation and infusion therapy techniques
  • Assists the Clinical Care Coordinator and Administrator/Nurse Manager in the preparation of Health Care Regulatory Agencies as requested
  • Demonstrates the knowledge of the legal aspects and liabilities of the Nursing practice established by the State Practice Act and all other Regulatory Agencies
  • Holds self and staff accountable for the delivery of quality nursing care
  • Promotes harmonious relationships and favourable attitudes among the health care team
  • Supports and adheres to administrative and nursing service policies and procedures
  • Assist with orientation of new employees
  • Acts rapidly and effectively, manages self, patients, and other employees during any emergency situations
  • Attends required in service education programs
  • Formulates nursing prescriptions that delineate actions to be taken
  • Responds immediately to a cardiac arrest and effectively takes charge and initiates necessary treatment until EMS (911) arrives
  • Is knowledgeable of location, care and operation of emergency care equipment. This includes but not limited to monitors, defibrillation equipment, crash carts and contents, suction machine, oxygen equipment.
  • Maintains clean, organized unit and restocks supplies as necessary
  • Provides a calm reassuring atmosphere and communicates effectively with each patient’s family to reduce stress
  • Conforms to dress code
  • Is prompt in reporting for tour of duty.
  • Maintaining records (Kardex, medications sheet, care plans, monthly notes)
  • Follow doctor’s orders regarding dialysis treatment, medications, etc
  • Initiates and terminates patient dialysis treatment, administer medications, dress access
  • Perform total patient care during dialysis as per procedure



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